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 "Finding you motivated, targeted prospects and getting your offer to them is Our First Priority"
 eNet Advertising SystemsTM

The primary service of eNet is to provide an unlimited resource of targeted opportunty seeker and MLM prospects for our customers.

Prospects are provided by distributing your ads and circulars TO prospects, not waiting for prospects to find them, like conventional "Internet Advertising" does.

eNet has several systems you can participate in to use and benefit with using the unique eNet method of advertising. Of special interest is the very low cost and high volume of prospects you reach.

Please pay particular attention to the 50% Dealerships offered by the eNet Advertising systems — dealerships are primarily designed for mail order marketing although they are being worked effectively by Internet dealers too. Complete details on service offered and each dealership is explained within the context of the individual systems.

The Adobe Free Reader™ is required to open following PDF file systems.

eNet System (c07) - Full page 8½x11 Circulars.

eNet System (cc41) - Full page 8½x11 Circulars.

eNet Advertiser System - "BigMail~eNet"


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